Why Universities Need iDenedi App

The Problem with University Alumni

Universities have thousands of alumni that they keep in touch with, and keep engaged. However, well more than 90% of graduates change their contact information within the first two years after graduation.

It becomes increasingly difficult for university alumni offices to track and engage with their graduates, and the level of engagement continues to fade with time. Graduates also lose connection with each other.

iDenedi for Alumni Contact Information

With iDenedi, universities can easily set up groups representing each graduating class/year. Alumni would join these groups where they can comfortably, and privately, share as much contact information as they would like with the university and their peers. iDenedi will act as an organized, live, alumni directory.

iDenedi for Alumni Announcements

Today, emails are being ignored more and more. Many alumni admit to checking their alumni related emails only once or twice a month, often resulting in missing important events and notifications.

In the alumni groups on iDenedi, university alumni offices have the opportunity to keep up a lively communication with their graduates – notifying them of job opportunities, alumni events, fundraising efforts, and so much more. These announcements are not only easy to make, but will be willingly received through mobile devices by alumni themselves as notifications.

iDenedi Groups for Fresh Graduate Recruitment

Not only is iDenedi invaluable for keeping up with Alumni, but it can be used to generate recruitment opportunities for the University’s fresh graduates. Universities can have dedicated groups where their fresh graduates mingle with Alumni who could post of job opportunities in their current companies. This will keep a dynamic channel open for fresh graduates on the lookout for jobs.

Setting Up a Group is Simple

  • Create a private group;
  • Set up the membership option to allow alumni to join by email;
  • Invite your alumni to join;
  • Encourage them all to update their contact information; 

Group communication is simply smarter with iDenedi!
Get the app! 


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