How can you benefit from iDenedi during the events?

Each year there are thousands of partners` events around the globe. Business-to-business (B2B) events generated more than $1.07 trillion of direct spending and drew 1.5 billion participants globally in 2017. (Events Industry Council, 2018). With the growing number of events, we are certain that if you already haven`t been part of one you will definitely be in the near future.

That is why this article could turn to be your guide to getting the most of your event experience.

Our company gets often invited to partners` events where partners gather from different places. These partners don’t know each other prior to the event and they come with the goal to collaborate during that period. Like any other company, we have always faced the same challenge, it’s not easy to reach each other and even if we do have the contact numbers, it’s really difficult to put a face on the name. Due to these issues, we used to miss many common activities and important gatherings.

The solution that changed everything – iDenedi

We couldn`t afford to face this challenge anymore, that is why we went to iDenedi. It helped us not only to overcome these challenges but to get to know each other better. With the iDenedi group, the event attendees join and share their contact and social media profiles. It was so easy to know who is with us in the event, briefing about them, and how to reach them. The presence feature also helps to know the attendee status.

The event coordinator and we by ourselves have used iDenedi announcement to inform the event attendees about important updates like change in place or ad hoc activities.

You can do it too!

It is so easy to use iDenedi, you just need to follow these steps.

1. Create iDenedi Group
2. Select how the members can join
3. Ask the coordinator to invite them

When the members join they will fill their details in the personal shared card, which collects this information:

● Name
● Title
● Picture
● Contract details
● Social sites like LinkedIn, Twitter

By using iDenedi, our events started to become more effective and we were able to keep in touch with attendees even after the event.

Do you want to make your events effective? Get the iDenedi today.

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